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Dr. Anne Borik

Sign Chi Do is an innovative technology that incorporates sign-gesture with movement, music and breath. Sign Chi Do founder, Dr. Anne Borik, initially developed the technology to help her grandmother recover from a stroke. Leveraging her background as a Board Certified Medical Physician, exercise physiologist and martial artist, Dr. Borik was able to create a system that actively engages the human spirit. Voted one of Arizona's Top Docs, Dr. Borik is actively involved in the program's continued research and development.

"Sign Ch Do is perfect because it quiets the chatter to help you to be more focused on what you are doing at the time. It can be used a a simple technique for balance and health or it can be a tool to help deepen your prayer practice. It's up to you!"

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Dr. Anne Borik


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    Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm

    Location: St. Francis Xavier Jesuit Elementary School

  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Womans Club

    Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

    Location: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

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The purpose of this program is to empower you with the tools that will help connect your mind, body and soul in a way that is grounded in Christian values. So often, people suffer from what is called “Disconnect Syndrome”. They are disconnected from themselves, from others, from their surrounds and even from God. They don’t seem to know how to connect their heads to their hearts, their words to their actions, or their minds to their bodies. When the mind, body and soul are not in sync, chaos stirs up from the inside becoming very apparent on the outside leading to fatigue, high levels of stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, depression and more.

Divine Mercy (FREE SERIES)

The Divine Mercy Series introduces a beautiful way of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The words come alive as we mindfully bring out the gentle gesture of each word. By incorporating motion with In the Divine Mercy series, there are five (5) video modules:

  • 1. The Introduction to Divine Mercy
  • 2. Divine Mercy as Medicine
  • 3. Comprehensive Instruction of the Chaplet in motion.
  • 4. Beautiful video of children praying the entire Chaplet. You are invited to join in to pray along in this module.
  • 5. DocTalk called ‘Forgiveness: Your health depends on it.

In addition, you will receive six (6) bonus Audio Meditations called Mercy Meditations.


Courage, Faith, Hope

Pslam 51: Create In Me


The Benefits of Sign Chi Do

Sign Chi Do For Chaplains

Sign Chi Do For Caregivers

Sign Chi Do For Nurses

Sign Chi Do For Youth

Sign Chi Do For Spiritual Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Sign chi do incorporates universal sign gestures with music, movement and intention. Unlike, other forms of meditative centering practices where one is taught to empty the mind in a silent, wordless contemplative process, Sign chi do does just the opposite. You are encouraged to focus on a word or a prayer and become one with that word by expressing it in sign gesture using your entire body. This first step of attaching the universal sign gesture to the word begins the process of integrating that word into your being. The next step is to connect the movement to your breath while hearing the word being sung. Once this occurs, it begins the process of transformation within. The brain recognizes different deeper meanings of the word simply by you drawing it in the space surrounding your body resulting in what I call concordance. You hear the word sung, your body expresses it in sign gesture, your brain sees the picture or the posture of the word in action and immediately chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin are released to mimic or 'concord' to the meaning your brain attached to the word. You begin to feel calm or empowered or joyful or peaceful and the result is immediate!

This leads us to talk about posture. Your posture in Sign chi do is determined by the attitude of the word being expressed. For example, if you sign the word 'serenity', your body takes on the posture of showing calmness by moving the hands gently downward in front of your body to show that your innermost being is settled down and serene. On the other hand, if you sign the word 'healthy', your body takes on the posture of showing strength emanating from the center of your chest with the muscles engaged in what looks like a boxers pose. It is this connection between the attitude of the word and the posture of the body that deepens the experience of the prayer and ultimately of God through Sign chi do.

Sign chi do, often referred to as 'The Art of Moving Prayer' is now being practiced by hundreds of people of all ages and is constantly finding its way into new venues of Recreation, Health and Spirituality rooted in Christian teaching and scripture.

Medical research is beginning to show physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of practicing Sign chi do. It's primary effect is in its ability to quiet the inner chatter, keeping an inner stillness in the midst of chaos and thus being more resilient and present to our living God. Secondary effects include protecting the body against the effects of stress, enhancing memory, improving balance and giving you an overall enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Sign Chi Do, referred to as Prayer in Motion and Contemplative Prayer can be seen as two ends of a continuum. Sign Chi Do is at the active end of the continuum whereas Contemplative prayer is at the receptive end.

It is through movement that we arrive at stillness and in stillness that we receive and experience the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The unique thing about Sign Chi Do is that it is an integrative tool that helps us get there quicker. That is, to quiet the inner chatter and thus be more available to receive and experience the constant yet unpredictable nature of the Holy Spirit.

Movement is vital to the human body. We are designed to move. It is through expression and gesture that we communicate.

Prayer in motion using the Sign Chi Do technique is often referred to as a moving meditation. So let's talk about movement. Movement is actually medicine for the body, it is vital to the human body. It is through physical movement that we are able to express in an outward manner certain words or prayers.

It is through the gesture that reflects back resulting in almost a feedback response. We are using our own physical movement to reflect back resulting in a change or transformation within. For example, let's use a Psalm 46:10 'Be still and know that I am God' as an example. By simply drawing the picture of a word with your body, aligns it intrinsically to what the word reveals. To be still, relates to the inner environment of the body and it begins to calm and settle down. It is immediate. So that by the time you pray the rest of the verse... 'and know that I am God'. You are internally prepared to obey, allowing Him to take over and fill you.

Dr. Anne Borik is a practicing Catholic who is grounded in her faith. This program is widely accepted by Catholics and has the Imprimatur, which according to Dr. Anne is a huge honor and responsibility.

Currently, several Parish Nurses are leading this Ministry in their respective churches.

The word 'Sign' represents the fact that simple sign gestures are used in a way that gives deep insight and meaning to the words being used. The word 'Chi' (pronounced chee or key) carries significant meaning bridging the gap between health and holiness. From a health perspective, 'chi' is what if often referred to as vital energy or life source. This fundamental concept of traditional Asian culture teaches that 'chi' in Chinese is believed to be part of everything that exists. Because of the Christian focus of Sign Chi Do, the word 'chi' (X) is one of the oldest symbols for Christ. The 'Chi-Rho' symbol is the symbol for Christianity. The word 'Do' is significant because it confirms a personal connection to me as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine D.O. It also means 'the way' in Japanese. It was brought to my attention long after the name Sign Chi Do was chosen that in Korean the words 'to pray' is phonetically spelled gido (pronounced Key Do). In amazement, the connection was made immediately since Sign Chi Do is The Art of Moving Prayer!

The act of breathing is different than the breath. The act of breathing begins at the level of the nose and serves to bring air into the body, it filters the air, it humidifies the air preparing it for the lungs. The breath, on the other hand, is our spoken word. In Sign Chi Do, every exhaled breath is connected to a word. The power of this technique is experienced when the breath ties the intention expressed in movement with the words we are praying and hearing sung. This helps us to begin to align oneself to God's Word, the Truth revealed.

Ezekiel 37:5 'I will put breath in you, and you will come to life.'

The simple answer is yes! Mother Teresa once said, "Peace starts with a smile." As we focus on emotional expressions, I would like to describe what I call the Anatomy of a Smile. The forced social smile is different than the genuine smile. The two types of smiles are brought about by different muscle groups., which are controlled by different parts of the brain. The forced smile originates in the conscious brain cortex and can be brought on at will. The genuine smile emerges from the subconscious part of the brain and happens automatically. It is the genuine smile that causes the tiny muscles to contract surrounding the eyes and the pupils to slightly dilate. This gives the face the appearance of being genuinely authentic. This does not occur with the forced smile. Just as facial expressions reflect emotions, so sign gestures does the same thing. In Sign Chi Do, we use sign gestures as the vehicle to express words and prayers authentically from the depth of our being. As human beings, we are created and wired this way!

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and was raised Catholic and my family is the most important thing to me. One of my early memories takes me back to my Catholic grade school experience when I was in first or second grade. I vividly remember one day when I was at church with my class and my teacher reprimanded me for leaning on one leg during mass. She said, "Stand up straight because you don't want Our Lord to see you in a lazy posture. To this day, when I find myself leaning or slouching in church, I often reposition my posture as a gesture of respect. I believe that was the very, very beginning of the importance of posture and prayer as reflected in the Sign Chi Do program.

I was very active in sports growing up and at the age of 8 started karate. The discipline, intensity and measured movement spoke to the depth of who I was and I got my black belt at the age of 13. I began teaching classes and running the studio and started teaching blind people karate and self-defense. This experience was priceless for me as a high school student because it taught me self-confidence, the importance of trust and respect on many levels. At one point, I was ranked third in the world in Women's Black Belt Division. I began to take an interest in public speaking in high school and was interested in making instructional self-defense videos for my students. I always incorporated a sense of reverence for the human body and wanted to learn everything there was to know about the anatomy of the human body because God created it. Little did I know at that time that I would go on to study medicne and become a physician. Training in the martial arts helped me as a high school athlete in teack and field where I was able to secure several athletic scholarships, including on to West Point Military Academy. I declined it but was honored to be considered in such a way.

I attended Temple University to study Pre-Med Exercise Physiology and Biology. I remember even at that time I often incorporated movement into my studies. For example, I aced Organic Chemistry because I memorized the molecular structures in movement. I created my own style of karate kata's as a representation of the molecular structure and got an A on every test! I tell you this to show how deeply root movement and posture is for me.

I was introduced to Osteopathic Medicine and immediately knew that was the field to pursue for me because it integrated medicine with movement and an intense study of the structure of the human body. As a medical student, I attended morning mass almost everyday. Prayer was ALWAYS and still is a very important part of my daily life. As the idea of developing a system of incorporating sign language gesture with movement and music surface, the only logical option was to ground it in prayer, especially because I started this technique of 'moving prayer' to help my grandmother recover from illness. Honestly, I wanted to invent a program that was the Christian answer to other systems out there like tai chi and qi kung....and i did! I am honored that you are here and interested in this brain-child of mine called Sign Chi Do, The Art of moving Prayer.

No, not at all! The Sign Chi Do prayer technique uses universal sign gestures as an expression of words and prayers. It can be referred to as iconic sign gesture where the gesture resembles the word being expressed. In many cases, the signs resemble ASL but is not actual ASL and is not intended to be used as a means of communication for the hearing impaired community.

No special equipment is needed. I recommend a quiet place where you can focus your entire being on the words and prayers. It can be done seated, standing, kneeling or even lying down. It is a good idea to get into the habit of keeping a small journal to keep track of the meaning of certain words or prayers as they come alive in movement. Keep in mind that this technique brings out the deeper meaning of the words and every time you engage your entire being you may experience something different. God speaks in different ways and at different times to each of us.

There are eight cardinal stances used in Sign Chi Do. The stances are the positions of the feet used to help maintain proper posture and thus maintain health while praying in motion. The eight stances include 1) Natural stance. 2) Staddle stance. 3) Front leaning stance. 4) Back leaning stance. 5) Side leaning stance. 6) L-shaped back leaning. 7) L-shaped front leaning. 8) One leg stance.

Sign Chi Do is different than Tai Chi on many levels. First, when practicing Sign Chi Do you are encouraged to fill your mind (with the words and prayers) rather than empty your mind as is taught in Tai Chi. Second, words come alive in movement in Sign Chi Do. There is a definite neurolinguistic component to Sign Chi Do compaired to movements of Tai Chi, which are not. Third, the transitional movement in Sign Chi Do is taught to lead with the toe and then shift the weight vs Tai Chi which leads with the heel. It is a completely different motion. The idea of leading with the toe helps to strengthen the proprioception mechanism in the brain. The essence of the Sign Chi Do technique is to strengthen the brain body connection by engaging all four parts of the brain by using sign language gesure with music and movement. This is not the case with Tai Chi


It is my pleasure to attend your Sign Chi Do session, and I pray for the Church to have more people like you to help the people of God.

Dc Toan Lai, CSsR

I have been attended the Convocation for Religious in Tucson since 2012. First, I expected your workshop as same in the pass, PowerPoint presentation and lecture. But it was not. I was glad to attended the Convocation this year.

Br. Martin Vu

Thank you for the time you spent with us and the experience you provided. It was calming, prayerful, informative, and relaxing. I would invite people I know to attend one of these retreats, and it would be easy to explain the probable benefits. Quiet prayer is always a blessing.

Charlotte Anne Swift

Your lectures touched and affirmed me in the practice of movement I have done before and through my Religious Life. It helps me to come into Onenesswith all creatures and creation.

Sr. Cecilia Rose

I enjoyed the gathering very much. I found praying with sign very energizing. The deeper meaning behind the signs made me more attuned to the prayer. I guess my "aha" moment was that it felt freeing. I tend to restrain myself from physical motion in public.

Sister Carla Riach

I particularly liked the idea of linking thoughts of God with each inhalation. I have shared the DVD with my niece who is too busy and my daughter that has anxiety. I am hopeful that they will continue to incorporate it into their life.

Jennifer Stanton BSN, R.N., IBCLC, RLC

My experience was one of getting into the deeper meaning of the words we signed. It was like doing liturgical dance. I use to do dance with a group in St. Paul, MN. The day using Sign Chi Do was like “a retreat in movement” day. Praying as a group moving together filled me with energy.

Noelle O’Shea

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