How Sign Chi Do Works

In 5 minutes or less, Sign Chi Do can be used in the classroom to bring a sense of calmness that will leave your students feeling renewed and energized, by connecting intentional positive affirmations with composed music, movement and gesture.

Engages the Brain

It is medically proven that the brain releases a calming chemical called Serotonin when one engages in mindful movement with rhythmic music and deep breathing.

Improves Focus

Sign Chi Do is a perfect tool to teach our children how to fill their minds with words and positive affirmations that come alive in movement. It is a great way to strengthen brain-body balance.

Watch An Example Video

Follow along and experience the power of Sign Chi Do as a tool that strengthens the brain-body connection!

Get started today

We are committed to helping our students and faculty have less stress through a tool that embraces the power of positive affirmations!

Dr. Anne Borik, a board certified Medical Physician, third degree black belt in karate and Exercise Physiologist developed Sign Chi Do, which is medically proven to help strengthen the brain-body connection!

Sign Chi Do improves memory, focus and an overall sense of well-being! Let’s join together to bring a sense of peace and well-being into every classroom!

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Sign Chi Do.

Our Story

Sign Chi Do is an innovative program that incorporates sign gesture with movement and music. Sign Chi Do founder, Dr. Anne Borik, initially developed the program to help her grandmother recover from a stroke. Leveraging her background as a Board Certified Medical Physician, Exercise Physiologist and Martial Artist, Dr. Borik was able to create a system that actively engages the human spirit. Voted one of Arizona’s Top Docs, Dr. Borik is actively involved in the program’s continued research and development.

Sign Chi Do is a great way to memorize words and affirmations. It is an effective tool to quiet that chatter in your brain that often gets in the way of staying focused and productive.

Dr. Borik designed Sign Chi Do to be a very simple, fun and effective way to help decrease stress in your class! The instructional videos and music are organized into categories that are intended to be used in the morning, before lunch, after recess, at the end of the day or anytime you feel the class needs to be re-focused and energized. It is also a great tool to incorporate in any Physical Education curriculum to help strengthen brain-body balance.